Lucas Kim was onboard a plane to Thailand from Seoul in South Korea, when he saw a mysterious ‘aircraft’ through the window.

He filmed the object that can be seen splitting into six pieces before vanishing.

Lucas Kim was on JeJu Air flight from his place Asian nation|national capital,

Asian country to Asian country UFO – sort of a ‘pulsating greenish-yellowish light’ – split into 3 pairs and flew off Mr Kim same that it would even be ‘some crazy Russian spy plane’

Most likely rationalization is daylight mirrored off the aircraft’s wing and window

A traveler was afraid to visualize a mysterious ‘aircraft’ split into six items then vanish whereas he watched through his plane window mid-flight.

Lucas Kim was squirting to Asian country from his place Seoul, South Korea, once he noticed what he thought was another flight near .

‘It is rare to visualize another plane flying next to your own, thus I took out my phone and recorded it.’

‘When I looked closely, it absolutely was not a plane – it absolutely was six individual vehicles. it absolutely was sort of a rhythmical greenish-yellowish lightweight,’ he said.

But despite it presumably being daylight mirrored off the wing and window – or even the reflection of a pot of occasional being served by a tender – man Kim is for certain he had seen one thing out of the standard.

In the footage, the supposed phantasma is initial visible as a foreign, white dot on the far side the wing of his Jeju Air flight.

But as he zooms in, it quickly becomes apparent that there area unit many points of sunshine, taking possession formation like no regular craft will. Moments later, they split into pairs and disappear from read.

‘You will believe something you wish, however i really suppose I encountered a phantasma,’ he said.

‘The word phantasma doesn’t mean it’s 100 percent alien. It merely means that flying objects that we do not recognise. it would even be some crazy Russian spy plane.’

Still, man Kim is hospitable the concept of extraterrestrial life. ‘I am a Christian and i am certain God gave United States of America all of this universe to explore,’ he said.

‘So i do not suppose there area unit different thinking species like United States of America out there, however there may be totally different animals on different planets.’

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