Years of memes, Culprit In Iconictweets and speculation have led to this moment; we finally know who didn’t flush their shit in the iconic viral video. DISGUSTING!

When mum Lizzie Brash interrupted her daughters to seek out out World Health Organization didn’t knowledge to flush the bathroom, she most likely wasn’t assuming to become web renowned.

But her angry interrogation quickly became one among the world’s most quotable videos, with individuals impersonating her frustration, complete with Scottish accent, to accuse individuals of all types. as a result of ‘IT WAS FUCKIN one among YAS!’

Before their mum interjected, Kimberly and Becky G were introducing their video, explaining they were planning to sing Cher Harold Lloyd|Harold Clayton Lloyd|actor|histrionic|player|thespian|role player} by Cher Lloyd.

In the interest of accuracy, Che Harold Lloyd|Harold Clayton Lloyd|actor|histrionic|player|thespian|role player} isn’t truly a song by Che Lloyd, however they ne’er created it as so much as singing anyway.

Instead, the mum arrived, transportation they question that’s left United States of Americanization thus several years: United Nations agency left the shit within the toilet?

Lizzie burst in, shouting:

Why does somebody not know how to flush the toilet after they’ve had a shit?!

Immediately, younger sister Becky G was on the defensive, saying:

It wasn’t me.

Check it out:

I can’t believe after 5 years we finally know who it was that never flushed the shit. This is the closure we all deserve.

— G R A N T (@grantjcn) March 5, 2019

Clearly proud of the way she managed to deceive her audience, Becky said:

It was me that done the shit in the toilet. Whoever thought it wasn’t me… it was me, to surprise you.

Who doesn’t even know how to flush the toilet after they’ve done a shit? It was me!

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