People living in the United Kingdom, British leaders and the international community feel sorry for Theresa May who on Friday said she would step down as British Prime Minister early June after failing to deliver on Brexit.

David Cameron: ‘I feel desperately sorry for Theresa’

David Cameron has told reporters that Theresa May is “a dedicated public servant” after she announced that she would leave office on 7 June.

“I feel desperately sorry for Theresa” the former prime minister said, after his successor’s emotional statement in Downing Street.

Trump says he feels sorry for Theresa May – but his friends are about to take over Britain

Theresa May is the only British prime minister Donald Trump has had any kind of relationship with – perhaps even that fabled “special relationship” we were led to believe should exist between Britain and the US.

The unappealing pair have had their ups, downs and more downs over the last two years.

During his Chequers visit, Trump may have grinned at the podium alongside May, but he was quick to betray their “indispensable relationship”.

Wielding a Brexit-shaped knife, he stabbed her in the back, telling reporters: “I would have done it much differently”.

But our dancing, coughing, departing PM had her attack ready, telling the press what Trump’s Brexit advice was (it was that Britain should sue the EU…thanks for the input, mate…)

Sorry for Theresa May

Abandon any shred of sympathy you might harbour for this stubborn and incompetent PM

As her voice cracked, Theresa May’s emotion felt raw and palpable. So much so that pundits and politicians rushed to find something nice to say about our soon to be ex-Prime Minister.

It’s a temptation the rest of us should resist. Theresa May has proved to be the worst PM this country has had in living memory.

Put any sense of sympathy you might harbour on hold. It was Theresa May who put herself forward to be Prime Minister. No one forced her into the role or insisted that she stayed on long after it became apparent that she was not up to it. Having held high office for years, she cannot have been in much…

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