• Pieter Nortje, 55, was being given a guided tour of the lions with his wife Ilze 
  • Pair were at a game lodge in South Africa to celebrate 10th wedding anniversary
  • Ilze filmed as Mr Nortje stuck his hand into the lion cage in order to stroke them 
  • Lioness latched on to his forearm, leaving him seriously wounded in hospital 

Pieter Nortje, 55, was being given a guided tour of the lions at a game lodge in South Africa to celebrate his 10th wedding anniversary when he almost lost his arm.

game lodge

First of all he are often seen touch associate adult male’s back and tickling it behind his ear as he quips to his wife: ‘If you bite ME, then i am planning to bite you back.’

A young king of beasts approaches the fence at the Tikwe watercourse Lodge as Pieter leaves his arm waving perilously within the air and says: ‘Come here lovey, let pa stroke you.’

The king of beasts then digs her teeth into his right forearm, penetrating to the bone, and drags him towards the fence.

Ilze are often detected shouting: ‘It’s biting him, it’s biting him!’

The king of beasts keeps hold of his arm for a full 5 seconds, dynamic at it with the claws of her left paw, before finally emotional him.

Panicked screams of these observation distracted the king of beasts for long enough for Pieter to drag his bloody arm back on the opposite facet of the wire.

Netwerk24 reportable that adult male Nortje complete up Pelonomi Hospital in Bloemfontein during a serious condition and suffering septic shock.

Septic shock may be a life threatening condition caused by severe infection with a fatality rate of between twenty five and fifty per cent.

A representative for Tikwe watercourse Lodge, that has thirty lodges high the Sand watercourse, aforesaid they’d been running the lion enclosure tours for 6 years with none incidents.

The denied any responsibility for the mauling and said: ‘There ar warning signs everyplace.

‘Nortje stuck his hand through the electrical fence to the touch the lions and was bitten’.

A South African game ranger at another park World Health Organization saw the video said: ‘The man was lucky that the king of beasts was most likely not hungry or not accustomed killing live prey outside within the wild.

‘Lions ar pack animals and hunt as a team thus others within the enclosure might simply have joined in and if they’d done [they would have] killed him whether or not there was a fence between them or not.

‘Some individuals ne’er learn that wherever wild animals ar involved, keep a distance between them and you’.

Mr Nortje, World Health Organization works as a mechanic at reserves Truck Bodies in Bloemfontein, and his secretarial assistant woman were unprocurable for comment as was a lover World Health Organization joined them for the weekend break.

In could last year microphone Hodge, 72, the owner of the Marakele Predator Centre in Thabazimbi simply north of metropolis, was attacked by a lion once he entered its enclosure.

British-born adult male Hodge was badly mauled and was solely saved once the lion, referred to as Shamba, was shot dead by a keeper once it had dragged adult male Hodge into the coppice wherever it absolutely was savaging him.

The married husband was hurried by air machine to hospital for keeps saving surgery on wouds to his neck, chest and back however is back running his game lodge currently.

In Feb last year a 22-year-old girl was attacked and mauled to death by a lion at the Dinokeng Game Reserve in Hammanskraal once obtaining resolute take photos of life.

game lodge

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